Player with Admob

$ 25

Product Description

Player, a multiple format music player for Android.

  • Very Easy to adapt.
  • Ready for admob Banner and Interstitial.

Player is a multiple format music player for Android. It plays Mp3 and maximum format of audio song with very clear, ultrasonic sound quality.

Player a good music player that displays images that comes with every song you play.

It generates playlist of various types of songs automatically from your Android device’s music or any other folders that contain audio songs.

Player displays Mp3 and other music files with all available information including photos, Album, Name of Artists, Titles, Genre and more.

Some of its main features are:

– Very good, clear, ultrasound quality of music.

– Plays most Audio files, Mp3, Music, General Audio and more

– No need to click on the play button, just touch the screen and slide right-left to change songs to back and forth.

– Very lightweight, takes a small portion of your device memory.



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