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Product Description

Blocks is the best family game involving four players and a board with 20 x 20 squares. Like chess or checkers, it’s a game for which at any time you can see your opponent’s pieces.

Each player starts with 21 pieces : 1 monomino, 1 domono, 2 triominos, 5 tetraminos and 12 pentaminos. It may recall you the Tetris polyominos…

“For first round, I must place a piece so that it touches one of the corners of the board”

“Next, a piece must be placed so that it touches a corner of one of my own pieces.

It may touch several corners, but never any side/edge of my pieces!”

The game has a nice and natural User Interface : just Drag & Drop the piece with the finger. Rotate a piece likewise. And return a piece with a long press.

“If a cannot place any more piece I pass my turn.”

The end of the game is reached when every player passes.

“My score is : addition of the squares of the pieces I placed”.

Last piece played is displayed both enlarged and with higher contrast.

You play against the machine. You can configure the level of corresponding Artificial Intelligence : 4 levels. Refer to Menu > Preferences

You can disable AI for a human play only. Refer to Menu > Preferences.


  • Very Easy to adapt.
  •  5 Languages included: EN, ES, FR, DE, SV. Very easy to include new ones, translating string.xml and arrays.xml under values folder and preferences.xml under xml folder.
  • Develop with Eclipse IDE
  • Support AdMob monetization.

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